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Marketing is the process of recognizing, anticipating and then meeting the needs and need of consumers in order to make a profit with add value, delivered in full and on time, plays a decisive role in a company's success. In contrast, selling involves exhorting customers that your products or services accommodate the benefits that they are looking for. Marketing is actualizing the demand in the market while sales are accomplishing that demand. Marketing is more related with branding while sales are related with one on one marketing.


The marketing department of a firm that produces blades like BIC or Gillette carries out research to find out the sorts of shaving advancements that their customers are looking for. Customers tell them about the improvements they like to see to lying products and their need of developing. They test market a range of possible products on customers. Accordingly of the marketing methods they are able to come up with the most suitable products.


Having invested so much in customer centralized marketing they must then sell the benefits of the new product developments to customers. This involves advertising and betterment to communicate product benefits. It involves providing the appropriate support literature and direct selling to retail outlets that will stock the new razors. The sales force is adequately selling the benefits of the new products. These benefits were developed as a result of market and product analysis. Marketing and sales therefore go hand in hand.

Marketing is all about find the customerís needs. Selling is all about showing the customer that you can make them by giving them with the products that they need.

In order to excel, companies must fulfill customer requirements by providing extraordinary levels of quality and service whilst ensuring highly combative levels of costs and capital employed. These are two sides of the same coin when it comes to optimizing the performance of the sales and marketing function.

Reducing complication by simplifying the sales and marketing processes and organisation will bring improved observance, speed to customers and cost competitiveness. This is vitally important in enhancing your value proposition to customers.

Maximising the effectiveness of a sales force is a potential lever for rapid and significant value creation. For example, aligning the sales demonstrating process to the specific industry and dynamics can increase the accuracy of this process. These results in more rates of asset use as well as improving customer needs fulfillment levels by increasing the number of products sent in full and on time.

What Manoj Jagram & Associates Offers

Manoj Jagram & Associates has extensive experience in recreating the sales and marketing processes and organisation in the light of local cultural and customer-specific needs. We define & design the appropriate level of geographical integration, and ensuring that, you avoid the trap of unthinking centralisation or inefficient decentralisation. We provide performance management to bring about the needed market and customer focus among your sales and marketing people.

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