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Manoj Jagram & Associates

Manoj Jagram & Associates

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Manufacturing is an important element for most of the companies. Globalization in manufacturing in the today's highly competitive world is because of low-wage, labour intensive competition from Eastern Europe and Asia and low transportation costs.

Only by responding to the highly demanding environment by implementing highest level of efficiency, creativity and productivity, organizations engaged in manufacturing in Western Europe can be survived.

This should include use of the best technology in sustainable manner, optimizing process automation, integrating electronic ordering and planning services and implementing organized working structures like self-managing teams.

What Manoj Jagram & Associates Offers

Manoj Jagram & Associates has wide experience in manufacturing industries. We can formulate a worldwide manufacturing strategy, carry out Greenfield studies, implement manufacturing excellence at a given location as well as assisting with, process and organisation design, change management and implementation of new work structures.

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