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Manoj Jagram & Associates

Manoj Jagram & Associates

Chartered Accountants

Risk & Financial Management Services

The situation which remains to affect financial markets has made the safeguarding of liquidity and expansion of net current assets is one of the greatest challenges currently facing by financial departments. Moreover, financial operations are being tested on a regular basis by momentous changes such as acquisitions, mergers and demergers. Statutory stipulations regarding governance and risk management have also become more powerful from year to year. Last but not least, increases in operational efficiency implemented by modern CFOs now apply to the entire organisation not just their own department.

Many organisations face an intention to provide high quality employee benefits and pension plans as well as spending and expanding its capital wisely. Increasing local legislation connected with a wide array of financial products, investment options and pension schemes, means organisations should seek specialist expertise to help assess, implement and manage the schemes and products which are most important and useful to their needs.

Our financial management practice is at the core of what our company offers as it target on developing and managing enterprise value. Today's chief financial officer is the operational and strategic leader of a crucial enterprise-wide function, whose core processes, resources and technologies impact nearly every organizational activity. We provide a complete bunch of services to support the CFO, from end-of-period closing to consolidation & reporting and from performance measurement to business risk recognition, revenue cycle enrichment all the way to process outsourcing.

What Manoj Jagram & Associates Offers

Manoj Jagram & Associates suggest and maintains the portfolios of clients from small and medium enterprises through to large corporations. As every organisation has different requirements in terms of employee schemes and investment requirements, suggestion and services will be altered accordingly.

We understand the challenges posed by the new and originating business and risk scenarios. Our solutions combine a full spectrum of services and technologies that help to manage operational, technological, legal and regulatory risks. Our partnership-based engagement model enables clients to focus on their business priorities while leveraging our deep domain expertise, project management and delivery capabilities.

Our risk and financial management services support clients to address their governance, risk and compliance (GRC) challenges. Our innovative, profitable solutions deliver business outcomes that boost performance and improve enterprise value. Their independence and reputation, coupled with an extensive track record means they can guide on the many aspects of corporate financial management, including:

  • Employee benefits and insurance packages
  • Corporate pensions and retirement schemes
  • Corporate investment consultancy
  • Build an efficient and effective financial management function focusing on people, processes and technology.
  • Design and implement financial consolidation, management reporting and business intelligence tools to provide quality financial and non-financial information to support planning, decision making and control.
  • Design and implement effective management processes.
  • Specify, select and implement financial consolidation, accounting and reporting information systems.

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