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Manoj Jagram & Associates

Manoj Jagram & Associates

Chartered Accountants

Our Approach
Manoj Jagram & Associates combines the international reach, depth and expertise of the large firms with the personal attention, value for money focus and relationship approach of the smaller firms. This service focus has made us the leading firm in each of our chosen markets and the business advisers of choice to dynamic Indian businesses and their owners when they seek to unlock their potential for growth through global expansion, global capital or global acquisitions.
We see our role as helping our dynamic clients sustain long-term growth and unlock potential wherever it's possible. With shorter decision making chains, more senior personnel involvement and empowered client service teams, we're able to take a wider view and operate in a coordinated way that's as fast and agile as our clients.

Your background
People from all kinds of backgrounds are welcome at MJA. What distinguishes those individuals who are successful at MJA is their passion for results.


  • We are looking for people with exceptional analytical skills.
  • Where did you go to school?
  • What did you study?

These are important questions, but we're even more concerned about your ability to think.

  • Can you break down problems into smaller parts and then focus on gathering the right information to hit each issue?
  • Are you comfortable being challenged regularly by new industries and new situations?

If you can apply what you know to solving client problems, then you'll get the training you need to build on your skills and succeed here-regardless of your background.