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The creation of sustainable values by building excellence in strategies, in markets and in operations is the main obligation of the management of any organization. For creation of such efficient strategies and operations, managers must be goal orientated and must set clear motives in such a world which is full of complexities. They must define a strategy and an operational vision about achievement of these objectives and goals in an environment full of uncertainties. Then they must implement a way of operating which gears the company's scarce resources to realize their goals and objectives while taking account of the distinctive interests of stakeholders.

Basically, four types of resources are used by entities & by all the organizations: human, financial, physical and information. And these resources are used by management to achieve their organizational goals. For instance, if an organization wants to make an increment in its profits by 50% for the following year, it has to do certain activities and have to assure that the mentioned resources are effectively used.

What Manoj Jagram & Associates Offers

Manoj Jagram & Associates has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in formulation and implementation of the structures and processes that permit for the cost effective management of your company.

As far as structure is concerned, we are specialized in providing different models to help our customers. The steering model sets the appropriate hierarchy through which the financial performance of the company is managed. For assuring that management procures meaningful information, accounting and reporting principles must be carefully applied. For determining such principles, the financial control model is used. The organization model determines roles and responsibilities within the company while the performance control matrix assigns accountabilities for (financial) performance to roles within the organisation.

On the process side, we provide capabilities in implementing managerial processes for analyzing, planning and controlling company performance, for linking reward and recognition to performance (performance management) and providing a seamless integrated process from strategic planning to operational goals.

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